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Laguna Beach Hotel - Accessibility

Your Laguna Beach vacation starts at one of the most charming of Laguna Beach hotels with a 180 degree view of the ocean. Review details of the different rooms available at The Laguna Riviera.


Surf View - From your room and or deck you can see the breaking waves.

Ocean View - From your room and or deck you can see the ocean but not the breaking waves. The sand or breaking waves may be blocked by part of a building.

Side/Partial View - You can see some of the ocean out of a side window.

Street/Garden View - You cannot see the ocean from your room.

Private Decks: Several rooms have Private decks. We use Merriam-Websters dictionary definition of Private as follows:
Definition of PRIVATE
-intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class.
This means that while your room may have a private deck reserved for your exclusive use, it may not necessarily be secluded from the view of others and may have public access ways nearby.

Browse our many room features to find the vacation that is just right for you.