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 Laguna Riviera Slope Repair 

     As many of you know the Laguna Riviera experienced a slope failure during the record setting rains of February 2005. In the ensuing 7-1/2 years we worked with our team of engineers, geologists, and contractors to develop a long term solution that would pass the cities various engineering and design approval processes and make the property safe for years to come.

     We have finally cleared those hurdles and, as of the beginning of 2012, the slope is now under re-construction. As a result there will be some noise during the weekdays and during this process, the beach access will be via St. Anns street on the north side of the property. The street can be accessed from coast hwy., or stairs on the 4th. level, or stairs on the 3rd. level.

     The project was scheduled to be completed before the Summer season but due to unforeseen geological conditions, it will continue into the Summer and beyond. The work while mostly quieter than the crashing waves, on occasion requires loud saws and jackhammers. Please be aware of this when planning your stay.

     We will post pictures here from time to time to show the current status of the work.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Kort Pearson

General Manager

Update: Beach pathway and terraced patio for room 101 are NOW OPEN!!!


Plans currently under construction on Hotel side (Nearing completion)

The Beach House side of the project. (Now underway)

The 2 lower terraced Beach House patios with landscaping, seating and direct beach access.


Pictures are from newest to oldest, travel back in time and see how far we have come

update March 8, 2013

101 terraced patio complete, and lighting and landscaping are being installed soon.

update March 1, 2013

Pathways are open, railings up, and lighting and landscaping are being installed soon.


update November 25, 2012

Pathways are built and the debris cleared. Next are the railings, lighting and landscaping


Work is now at the house installing a new retaining wall, 2 patios, stairs to the patios, and to the beach.


update November 1, 2012

Pathway is now going in with completion expected soon


update September 4, 2012

Terraced private patio for unit 101 is shaping up. This will soon be the premier location for relaxation.

Drainage is complete and now it's time to backfill then add irrigation and landscaping.

Pouring concrete for drainage ditches at the top of each wall

update August 16, 2012

footings for upper beach pathway uphill side retaining wall almost ready to pour

concrete cured and ready for railings to be installed at 101's terraced private patio

Lower patio concrete slab is poured

1 day until lower concrete patio slab is poured

update July 28, 2012

Lower patio for 101 is shaping up and will be ready to pour soon

Walls to support the new beach pathway are close to completion and it will be reinstalled soon.

View looking down from the deck of 202-203

update July 18, 2012

updated July 6, 2012

updated June 29, 2012


updated June 28, 2012


update June 8, 2012

update June 4, 2012